Conversion Rate Optimization Services

The conversion is meant by changing of something from one to another form. The conversion plays a major in everyone’s life.  

Method of conversion

There are four methods of conversion namely,

Direct conversion which is also called big bang

Phased conversion

Parallel conversion

Single location installation which is also called pilot system.

Methods of converting timber

Crown or plain sawn in which the tangential boards are produced.

Radial cost is produced by quantum sawn  

Formula and modular conversion

The formula for conversion is the total cost is equal to total fixed cost is added to total variable cost. The cost of the unit is mentioned as unit, the manufacture of mobile battery is the unit of cost would be “per unit of battery”. There is an modular conversion in which the old systems is converted in to new system gradually. The advantage of this modular conversion is the systems can be examine many times before it is being used.

Phased conversion

 Phased conversion is the method regarding to conversion which involves the spitting of new gatherings of information into several parts or it also can be says as modules. The group begins to use the one step at a time through which all the users can give the introduction based on the new gatherings of same parts. The advantage of this system is many staffs are wakened for these conversion. The disadvantages is that they takes longer time for installation and as well as it is very difficult to recreate the old into new systems.

Pilot conversion

Next we used to say about pilot conversion is based on software and hardware from one place to another which involves the rotating of new systems to a little group of people for the customers for testing and as well as evaluation. They provide an useful feedback or replies which is used to make this type of conversion easier and smoother. The advantage of this conversion is small part of the business is affected and if they have any issues that can be identified easily without affecting the employes. the important disadvantage is that these types of conversion need skilled type of operators.

Direct conversion

The direct conversion is also called as bigbang in which they have zero –if receiver it is a radio receiver used to designand demodulating the radio signal. It gets available in new system immediately. The disadvantage is that it is very hard to make, if it moves wrong anything will not be showed back in the screen.

Parallel conversion

Next to say about parallel conversion. It is a process to convert operations of transferring from one one computer to another. For example, our phone usage of share it which operates and measure the mp in both mobiles. For sharing as well as receiving the data from one mobile to another mobile. I think this the most adoptable example for this type of parallel our day to day of our life we use to convert length to meters and as well as centimeters and even millimetre which shortly use to say mm to meters while travelling. Grams to kilo grams while measuring in grossary shops.  This type of conversion is mentioned as they refer units.